Day 1 (Wednesday - Feb 20th, 2019)


Day 2 (Thursday - Feb 21st, 2019)


Day 3 (Friday - Feb 22nd, 2019)


Society of Sound Hearing International (SSHI)

The Society for Sound Hearing International (SSHI) was initially a regional organization including South east asian countries that has expanded globally. The Head office is located in Hong Kong, while the Secretarial office is located at MAMC New Delhi. All its programs and activities are compiled as “Sound Hearing 2030” with the mission to eliminate avoidable hearing impairment by the year 2030 through development of sustainable ear and hearing care services. It focuses on Middle Ear Infections, Genetic Deafness, Noise induced Hearing Loss, Presbycusis and Ear Wax. Some concepts being facilitated to be implemented in many countries through its National Programs are Healthy Ear Districts, Less Noise Cities, Affordable Hearing Aids, School Ear and Hearing Check, Helping Hands for Ear Surgery, Eye-Ear and Hearing Care.

The first president was – Dr.Bulantrisna Djelantik from Indonesia and the present is Prof.dr. Arun Agarwal from India.

The 1st Sound hearing 2030 World Congress has been successfully organized in 2014 in New Delhi, India.

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Scientific sessions will include Keynote Speaker, Plenary, Lunch Symposia, Symposia, RTD, Accepted Paper, Free Paper.
Some trainings are also provided to improve skills in the form of Workshops, Office Procedures, and Courses.

Office procedures include:

  1. Fat Myringoplasty
  2. Tube Ventilation Insertion
  3. Intratympanic Steroid Injection

Scientific : Best Presentation, Poster
Awareness Material Contest : Video, Photo, Poster

Dealline of abstract submission : January 1st, 2109
Notification of accepted abstract : February 1st, 2019